Our Why

Staffing companies are a dime a dozen, here’s what we are all about.


We focus on placing SDR/MDR, Account Executives, Customer Success, Account Manager and Executive Level Sales Leadership Professionals. 

Our Specialties: SaaS, Cloud, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cyber Security/Networking and True AI Platforms. Mid Market and Enterprise.

Data Doesn't Lie

Women are underrepresented and hold just 19% of sales leadership positions. 

Representation Matters.

Prioritizing gender diversity in sales and leadership expands the talent pool.

92% of tech founders know about unconscious biases when hiring.

42% of them do nothing about the biases.

Working with a third party vendor helps reduce these biases.

12% of tech founders employ five for more employees from diverse or underrepresented backgrounds

Despite 81% acknowledging how important diversity and inclusion is

13% of the tech workforce in the US is black and 6% Asian.

60% is white

Companies that prioritize diversity make more money. Period. 

Our Impact

Candidate Experience

Founded in 2020 during a time when job seekers needed us the most our mission in recruitment is to represent those that are hungry, curious and have a do whatever it takes approach in sales, sales management, recruiting, admin and HR. 

You are more than just a resume and you deserve a job that gives you growth, stability, benefits, REAL and genuine leadership and challenge- and you deserve top dollar for your efforts. 

Our job is to set you up for success with one of our trusted employer clients.

Our promise to our employer clients

We are a walking talking billboard for your brand. 


This isn’t just a job to us, or another business relationship – Our goal is to not replace your internal teams, just be a second set of eyes and additional resources. Let us save you time and effort by bringing pre-qualified candidates to your inbox.


Our referrals are top performing and passively looking. We have a network in the SaaS community of 60,000+ with candidates that are waiting for the perfect opportunity – and what you are offering may be exactly what they are looking for.

Placement Rate

Candidates placed in IDR history are women and those of diverse backgrounds

Fill Rate

Our openings are filled in less than 30 days, with 40% of them filled in less than two weeks

Investment Rate

Our talent is passive and top performing, resulting in a seamless onboarding procees and immediate ROI

Acceptance Rate

Due to our in depth debrief process, we make sure this is an ideal fit for both parties

More Diversity and Inclusion Data

  • Companies with a diverse workforce are 35 percent more likely to outperform those without diversity initiatives. [Source: McKinsey]
  • Diversity efforts could net the IT industry an extra $4 billion in revenue each year [Source: TechRepublic.com]
  • 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities and more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity. [Source: Glassdoor]
  • Black women make up less than 3% of software sales representatives [Source: Refinery29]
  • Companies with “two-dimensional” diversity are 45% more likely to report that they had captured a larger portion of the market and 70% more likely to have entered into a new market in the past year. [Source: Harvard Business Review]

Diversity does not mean hiring people based on race. 

This leads to tokenization. 

You can’t have diversity recruiting if you do not offer inclusive culture first.

Diversity of thought, being, and life experiences within your organization is critical.