Our Team

All of our recruiters come from various backgrounds and industries. Some of us were working industrial jobs, were new grads, healthcare workers or stay at home parents. This diverse group of experiences when brought together determined our motto of “You are enough.”

Your ability to build a relationship with a stranger, is enough. How hard you work= your success in this space. You are enough. Your curiosity is enough. Your passion. It’s enough. Your ability to tell a story and get someone excited, is enough.

Sales is about WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU CONNECT. We love serving this space.

Our recruiters at IDR bring so much passion and relatability to the recruiting space. While our job is to find the best person for the job within our niche industry, there is nothing about our job as your recruiter that is transactional. All of our recruiters are very easy going, passionate and ready to be your biggest advocate if you fit one of our open positions.

Connect with us on LinkedIn, and let’s talk about the next steps in your job search or hiring journey. It never hurts to see what is out there.

Destiny Brandt – Founder & Employer Relationships 

Seattle, WA

Angela Gianetto – VP of Operations

Seattle, WA

Scott Brandt – Co-Founder & Finance Manager

Seattle, WA

Mitch Pelroy – VP of Revenue and Relations

Colorado Springs, CO

Makela Cummings – Sr. Sales Recruiter

Charlotte, NC

Alexandria Albright – Sales Recruiter

Seattle, WA

Alex Lehman – Sales Recruiter

Miami, FL

Nick Tzavaras – Sales Recruiter

St. Petersberg, FL

Kayla Thelin – Sales Recruiter

East Palatka, FL

Clay Thelin – Sales Recruiter

East Palatka, FL

Sebastian Cuadros – Sales Recruiter

Orlando, FL

Chuck Brandt – Chief Barking Officer

Barking in his yard, USA