Candidate Reviews

As cliché as it sounds, every day we get to work with job seekers and employers feels like a dream come true. Getting a job is a life skill, we are honored to help you perfect your interview approach and put your best foot forward.

Diversity recruitment starts with having clients who offer inclusive culture. We are beyond thankful to our clients who trust us with being an extension of their HR and Recruiting Teams and will continue to work together to get people of all backgrounds into these rooms.

“Ciara was awesome! She consistently showed up for me, gave me constructive feedback and made sure I felt like I could conquer the interview process. She was ready with any questions I had and was always available despite the 2 hour time difference. I am so grateful to Ciara and know that anyone else she works with will be as lucky as I was”
NaTasha – Marketing Consultant


“As a recruiter and a career guide, Kayla is second to none. Her work is clearly her abiding passion — she seems to delight in going above and beyond to ensure that her clients are able to get in front of the right people. She’s done a wonderful job of keeping me in the loop regarding the progress of applications and she is a reliable source of sound advice and encouragement. If you are looking for a recruiter who is not only concerned with results, but who really understands your worth and is invested in seeing you flourish, then look no further.”
Seif – SaaS SDR


“Destiny is by far the most helpful recruiter I’ve come in contact with. She’s highly knowledgeable in sales recruiting and it was clear from the beginning she truly cared about helping me find another role. Her ability to provide actionable feedback was very appreciated. I’m grateful I got connected with her because she was pivotal in helping me get hired and gain a better understanding into interviewing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow their sales career!”
Brian – Account Executive Salesforce


Kayla is incredible to work with. She is attentive and really cares about what is most important to you when looking for a job. She was continuously checking in with me to update me on the status of the jobs I applied to and helped coach me in how to stand out to prospective employers. She was very relatable and easy to connect with and she genuinely cares about helping her clients! Working with her helped with my confidence when applying for jobs and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking for a new job/career!
Makela – SaaS SDR


“Ciara is one of those you want on your team, on your side, and definitely in your corner. When she says she will do something, she does it. When she puts her mind to it, she nails it. She goes to bat and works to ensure that the end game is a positive outcome for all. Her dedication and drive with her craft make her second to none. Her dedication and dependability are unmatched. And at the end of the day, you would think that is enough, but she takes it even further as she is an incredibly kind individual who gives it to you straight with no nonsense, but in a very thoughtful, caring and respectful way. Ciara is one to watch, and I without a doubt recommend working with her!”
Tom – Marketing Consultant


“I wish there were enough words to express how amazing not only Destiny and Kayla but every single person at her organization truly are. Destiny and her crew have helped me through my hiring process, from coaching to support, showing me the options out there and what I had to offer. But hear me out when I say support, I also mean HYPE YOU UP. She truly cares about what happens to you and your career and will fight for you in any way possible. I have emails still saved from Destiney and her team all celebrating the wins with me, checking in with me, and truly making you feel valued and that you are enough. Hands down would reach out to Destiny and the team for any hiring needs or if you are just putting some feelers out there to see what opportunities are out there. If you want the best you work with the best :)”
Mitch – SaaS Account Executive


“Ciara has been a pleasure to work with during my new career search. She has been extremely helpful and professional during my entire search. Ciara believed in my skill set and committed to helping me transition into a new career field. She has helped me during every step and made a major impact in guiding me during this time. I recommend Ciara for anyone looking for new career opportunities in the tech industry.”
Sammy – Tech Manufacturing SDR

“From our first conversation Destiny provided more value than any other recruiter I’ve worked with. She would even help me prep for interviews she wouldn’t get paid for. For anyone who’s looking to partner with a recruiter who cares, I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation for Destiny.”
Cole – Outreach Account Executive


“Clay is a gem. He responded to my LinkedIn message promptly when I couldn’t get my email to go through to him, and called me exactly at our scheduled time. He made himself available based off my schedule. He was easy to talk to and engaging throughout our conversation. He is honest and transparent, which are the qualities that resonate most with me. I felt informed and confident enough coming off our call to move forward in the next stage of the interview process for an exciting new position. I am looking forward to working more with him, and anyone else should be also.”
Courtney  – Recruiter


“Ciara was extremely professional and was thorough. Fantastic recruiter!!”
Preston – SaaS Account Executive


“Sebastian is very dedicated to his associates; not for his own success but rather for the success of the person he is working with. He always takes the time to properly prepare his clients for the job and is not concerned with placing individuals in a position that is not good for them. With Sebastian it’s never about him, it’s always about you. During my time working with Sebastian he never stopped reaching out to see how things are going. During my last job search in June he spent time with me to get my resume brushed up, never have I ever been given guidance about my resume from a recruiter, and who better to help with this than a recruiter. Though I ended up taking a position outside of Sebastian’s area, it was his guidance that made all the difference. Best of all is the Sebastian was thrilled that I had landed a great job.”
Technical Engineering Candidate


“Destiny’s knowledge base makes her invaluable in terms of coaching and guidance. It is rare to find people with such a good work ethnic. She is able to sell anything to anyone. Destiny will help get your foot in the door of your dream job! She landed me several interviews at very reputable companies and coached prior to each one. She knows what questions the interviewers will ask and she will teach you the best way to answer them. Possibly the most important thing I learned from Destiny was how to value myself which enabled me to be confident when selling myself to other people.”
Ariel – Channel Manager CheckPoint Technologies


“Destiny will rock your world. Candidates….want to learn how to pitch yourself? Take a quick call from Destiny and get ready for a master class. Employers…hiring Destiny will catapult your talent reach and strategy 10x with her grit, attention to detail, incredible pace and deep industry knowledge. Excited to watch her succeed”
Jen – Manager Payscale


“Destiny was extremely effective in setting up interviews and she had me very well prepared for each one. She provided me with some great insights that I will hang onto for the rest of my career. Not only was she great at these aspects of her job, I got the feeling she truly believed in me. I think this is so important for someone in her role: to see the full potential in your clients. She has a great heart, and genuinely cares about seeing you thrive. I can’t thank her enough for her help, and I will absolutely be hitting her up the next time I’m back on the market!”
Zach – Account Executive Microsoft


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Destiny. She is kind, thoughtful, and empowering. I am still blown away by her selflessness and authenticity that she brings to every interaction I have with her. She truly cares about her work, business, and most importantly her people. She was able to equip me with a fool-proof set of tools that was instrumental in me receiving an offer at the company at had my eyes set on. Destiny – you are one in a million! I am so lucky to have her in my corner!”
Amy – Account Executive DocuSign

Employer Reviews

“Destiny and her team provided me with 15, qualified, top performing SaaS SDR candidates within 24 hours of the contract being signed. Her team’s ability to vet on a hard skill, and soft skill level is amazing. It took me and my recruiting teams over 8 weeks to build a candidate pipeline half the size, and all of the candidates submitted by It’s Destiny were passive and top performing. I wish I had more headcount open but will be sure to reach out to Destiny and her team quarterly to get the best talent in her pipeline. Cannot thank this team enough for their quick response time and strong quality of candidates they work with.”
Daniel – SaaS SDR Manager


“Although I haven’t worked with Destiny directly for my placements, I’ve passed over many candidates who have spoken highly of her abilities. From my interactions, she is knowledgeable, a good communicator, and actively engaged. I appreciate Destiny’s tenacity, fighting spirit, dedication to her employees, and commitment to helping her candidates find meaningful work. Most importantly, I respect her true passion for helping women and diverse candidates break into and advance in the technology industry.”
Darren – VP of Sales- Outreach


“There’s a lack of transparency and honesty in business. Destiny comes as her authentic self in every interaction, and it makes working with her very easy, as long as you hold up your end. From working with Destiny, it was apparent that she worked very hard to bring the right candidates to the table for each given job posting. I could tell she really cared about both the candidates and the employer. Given the opportunity, I would welcome working with Destiny and It’s Destiny Recruiting again.”
Lukas – SaaS Sales Leader


“Destiny and her team have placed 6 people at my company over the last two quarters and all of them are performing and still working with us. You can count on her team to bring hard to find talent, and to do so quickly with limited information. She has even filled roles we did not have a job description for. Her team is scrappy, and do a great job at telling talent the story of WHY they should work for you. Since we started working with IDR I spend less time interviewing and recruiting, and can spend that time with my current team. Her vetting is also stronger than any other sales recruitment firm as they vet writing and follow up skills, vet technical skills and provide insights that most recruiters do not. Most of our openings were filled in two weeks. Will be reaching out again when we need SDRS and AES.”
Daniel – Director, Sales Development SaaS

“Easily the most responsive, thorough, and professional recruiting firm I’ve used in my career. Destiny and her team understood exactly what I was looking for in a candidate and followed up regularly to ensure there was a clear and consistent feedback loop on candidate quality and interview progress. The next time I’m looking to hire – I’m giving Destiny a call.”
Ben – SaaS Data Analytics Sales Leader


“Destiny went above and beyond for our high growth needs. We needed talent, experience and wanted diversity and reps in different time zones and she delivered in less than a week! Destiny knows how to train them and find too talent- I enjoyed her thorough communication and follow up on candidates as well! We are excited to continue to work with her!”
Keegan – SaaS and Data Analytics Sales Leader


“Destiny is the most supportive and encouraging sales recruiter I’ve ever met. She dives right into what is special about someone. Bringing her authentic self, real talk, and strategies to help you succeed in your quest. Working with her as a recruiter or for filling rolls in your organization she has a knack for recognizing talent. If she decides to invest her time in you, count yourself blessed. She is a stellar networker breaking through the noise with her videos that bring messages of hope, encouragement, and love. There is nobody like Destiny. If you have her in your corner great things are in store for you!”
Jen – SaaS Sales Leader


I feel as though I will possibly exceed my allowed character count speaking to what a JOY and performer Destiny is. I saw Destiny’s heart for people shown so openly in her LinkedIn presence that when we decided to partner with an external professional placement firm, I know she would be my FIRST call! My team of 4 was beyond overwhelmed with an immediate need for talent in a VERY niche industry. Destiny and her team were ready to tackle that challenge with us. They have truly worked as an extension of our team while offering visibility into any challenges in the market, as well as updating us along the way. Her personalized approach and results made it obvious why It’s Destiny is experience the growth while keeping to their values and not losing their soul amidst quick success. Thank you so much for being an amazing female voice for the masses and empowering a better workforce through how you love others. I cannot recommend Destiny enough!”  
Chandi – Head of People and Culture, SaaS Marketing Agency